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A note from a happy resident of the Lower Mainland in British Columbia:

When I am not hiking, biking, watching or playing football (soccer for the NA fans), having a brew with friends, or taking photos somewhere or other, that’s when I’m most likely composing or working out the music of a new piece. Inspiration is sporadic. Unlike true musicians who can play flawlessly every time and put it all on the line on stage, I work only within the quiet comforts of my mini home studio until the various ideas in my head have been worked into completion for that piece. Sometimes it happens fast; other times the process is more laborious. Results may vary according to taste. It is what it is.

Music is not a medium of easy definitions, but it’s probably best described as sound expressed through time. To me it’s also an expression of musical ideas through diverse styles. Even more, it’s a connection and a shared communication with open horizons. That is what I have found on SoundCloud and I am glad to be a part of it in some small way.

The music you will find here would best be viewed through the sets in order to screen what may or may not appeal to you. They are in summary:

Refraction – progressive electronic music of various sorts.
Soundscapes – electronic based soundtracks and mood pieces.

Orchestral Musings – orchestral or ensemble draft recordings.

Don’t let any of my lame track tags deter you. Hopefully you will find something here that you like.

Thanks to those who’ve visited and offered an encouraging word or two. Even greater thanks to the many talented artists whose music I have newly discovered and enjoyed. To me, that’s what it’s all about.