Ryo Utasato

Tokyo, Japan

Alternative Leftfield


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Alexander Hallberg
Hallberg - Undersea City
This is Alexander Hallberg AKA BooBacks site. (1982)
Late 2011 I started to combine MadTracker 2 with Magix Music Maker, but it is mainly in MadTracker magic happens ...
I don't have any special favorite genre, but lately I've found a passion for classical / orchestral soundtracks and ambient music. (all genres)

Philippe Gerber/JOHN 3:16 has played more than 500 shows in the UK and Europe with the London based band Heat From a DeadStar (2004 to 2009). HFADS was the first non-US act to sign a record deal with the Boston-based label Ace of Hearts Records

The Echelon EffectPro Unlimited
David Walters
London, Britain (UK)
AUG 2010……
The Echelon Effect came to life amid the long winter nights of February 2009, born from a burning desire to fall in love with music again.

Maximiliano Giampaolo David
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Música experimental, rock progresivo, música cristiana.
Instrumento: Batería, acústica y electrónica. Percusión

Sound Scape
Ryan Vanden Heuvel
My name is Ryan. Ambient music is what I do best. Soundscape is a solo music project started last year with the soul intention of pushing musical limits.

Brendon Moon
Sydney, Australia
Soft, angelic/ambient acoustic. Hope you lit it.


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Chillout Downtempo Music vol 5

Leftfield Electronica, Vol. 4

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